Ten Top Jewellery Tips

Caring for your jewellery, these may seem obvious but its good to know

1. Do not sleep in your jewellery. Things get twisted and broken.

2. Keep silver jewellery in an air tight container to save it becoming tarnished.

3. Pearls do not like perfume and body creams it can effect the luster, leaving them dull and lifeless.

4. Using a jewellery cloth will revive tired and dull silver and gold jewellery. Use silver dip sparingly.

5. Warm water, washing up liquid and a tooth brush will help to keep stone set rings bright and clean

6. If a stone set ring starts catching on clothes etc it may mean the claws are worn and need re-tipping. Always get them professionally checked over and work done if necessary as its a lot cheaper than replacing the stones.

7. Do not put Amber, Coral, Pearl, Turquoise or Opal Jewellery in any dip or alcohol based cleaner, best cleaned with an untreated cloth as they have a poor toughness level.

8. If you have more than one watch, you will extend its battery life by pulling out the winder when not in use.

9.Marcasite set jewellery can be cleaned with an eraser.

10.It is advisable to have photographs and a description including size weight etc, of expensive pieces for insurance purposes in the sad event that it is lost or stolen.